2011 Work Party and Other Information

Work Party Information

The 2011 season is just around the corner with our first racing taking place on Tuesday, May 3rd.  To help get the track ready to race we will be holding a work party on Saturday, April 9th beginning at 9:00 AM.  The project will be to add dirt to the start hill and re-shape the first corner, along with general grooming and repair of the track.  The more people that help the more can be done.  Lunch will be provided.  Even if you can only give a couple of hours, any help will be greatly appreciated.

Changes to 1/2 Track Program

In order to accommodate the requirement to have our 1/2 tracker racers under the track insurance and the ever increasing cost of awards that are given out to our 1/2 trackers the following changes will be made for 2011.  A membership fee of $20.00 will be assessed along with a race fee of $2.00 per race.

Vancouver Island Challenge Series

The four Vancouver Island tracks have came up with a new format for the Vancouver Island Challenge Series.  Each track will hold a qualifying race during the year and the finals will be held at Coal Hills BMX.  The Provincial points system will still be used, however VIC Champions will be crowned for Novice, Intermediate and Expert classes in each age group instead of Age Only Champions as in years past.  To add another incentive to attend each qualifying race, each track will be awarding Dog Tags of a different colour.  To get the full set you'll need to race each qualifier.  Stay tuned for the complete format and rules.

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