March 2012 News

The racing season at the Erik Goetzinger BMX Park is fast approaching!


Season Opener Clinic is April 23rd!

Our First Race is April 24th!


We are having a planning meeting on Tuesday March 6 7pm at Tim Horton’s in Parksville.

Everyone is always welcome to attend!


Our first and biggest work party will be on March 17 and 18 between 9am-5pm

We have a lot of work to get ready for the season, and we have planned many improvements as well. 

We have organized machinery and material donations for these days, and the amount we can accomplish depends on the volunteers that attend.

A core group will be there and as always we appreciate ANY help that you can give, even if it is only for an hour or two.

Below is an overview of the planned work. 

Staging Improvement Project

  • Widen the staging hill to 27’.
  • Place concrete blocks on both sides of the hill.
  • Install poles to create shutes for moto staging.


Track Work

  • Rebuild first corner.
  • Widen table on last straight.
  • Rebuild all obstacles on 2nd and 3rd straight.
  • Weeding and grooming of track surface.
  • Trenching and burying of conduit for speaker wires.
  • Installation of two new lock boxes for speaker wires.
  • Paint starting gate.
  • Cut branches off of cedar tree for better view of track.


Moto Shed

  • Pressure wash exterior of both buildings to prep for paint.
  • Paint over graffiti with base coat.
  • Decorate Moto shed with attractive graffiti.
  • Install new Erik Goetzinger BMX Park sign.
  • Organize the Moto shed shelving.
  • Trophy organizing and building. (could be done at home)

Exciting New Society Changes!

For 2012 the Erik Goetzinger BMX Society will be changing its name to the Oceanside BMX Society!

The track will remain the Erik Goetzinger BMX Park and a new sign is being made to honor Erik.

This requires some new artwork that reflects the tracks ocean community theme.

We will also be having Oceanside BMX jerseys made, we will need sponsors and artwork.

If you have any ideas or input please e-mail us at  

New Society Artwork Needed

  • Oceanside BMX logo
  • New Sticky artwork
  • New number plate artwork
  • Jersey artwork

Donations Needed!

Every donation is greatly appreciated; please take a look at the list of items below to see if you or someone you know can help. 

  • Good clean fill
  • Bobcat
  • Excavator
  • Loader (the best tool to work on the track)
  • 2” PVC conduit
  • Redi-mix concrete
  • Steel rakes, plastic lawn rakes and shovels
  • Chalk line box (for making lines on sports fields)
  • Spray paint cans for “Artistic Graffiti”


Robert Grecht

webmaster contact