Parents, Please Read!!!

Dear Parents:

Please take the time to read this information as it's very important.

1.  Your child MUST have a parent or designated guardian at the track from the time they arrive at the track, until they leave.  In the event they get injured or if their bike has any problem, your child needs you there to care for them.  If you have to leave the track for any reason please make sure someone you trust knows you're leaving and knows to watch out for your child.

2.  Your child MUST have the following apparel when they are riding or racing the track on race nights.  This is taken directly from the ABA Rule Book.  From this point on, if a racer doesn't have the appropriate riding apparel they Will Not Be Allowed On The Track.

Please take the time to read this information and make sure your child has what they need to race.  If you have any questions about gear or how to "buckle" up a helmet, please ask.  That's what the volunteers are their for.

A. Apparel 

1. All riders must wear helmets with a permanent strap attached; snaps are not allowed. Helmets must have sufficient padding and be of good quality. The ABA highly recommends a full-face helmet or a helmet that covers the ears.

2. All riders must wear enclosed shoes, which are sufficient to protect the rider’s feet.

3. It is recommended that riders wear long pants. Loose fitting short pants made of tear-resistant material are permitted and used in combination with a one- piece knee and shin guard with a rigid surface. There must be no exposed skin above the knee or below the shin guard extending to above the ankle. The short pants fabric must have a minimum of 3 inches of doubled up excess material, without stretching the fabric. This shall be measured by pinching the fabric between the index finger and thumb. All combinations of shorts with knee and shin guards are subject to the approval of the ABA and/or Track Operator.

4. It is recommended that riders wear long sleeved shirts. Short sleeved shirts and sufficient elbow protection is allowable subject to the approval of the ABA and/or Track Operator

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